FAQ / Service

Who are you guys?

Hi! Nice to meet you, we are Cedrique and Stefan. We are two guys from the Netherlands who love to play Dungeons & Dragons, and are quite nerdy about it.

Around 2 years ago we were looking for new dice on the internet, as you sometimes do. And quite by accident we stumbled upon some awesome Dungeons and Dragons shirts and we got very excited.

Ofcourse we bought the coolest ones right away, but we weren’t satisfied with that. We got inspired! So with Cedrique being a Visual Designer and Stefan being a Webdeveloper, we decided to try and make the dnd world a better place and add some of our style to the possibilities for you.

We believe you can wear a dnd-themed shirt whilst being stylish as hell, and we love to sometimes hide the dungeons and dragons elements in the design. A player will know when they see and will (hopefully) spread the love!

We hope you enjoy our stuff, if there’s anything you want to know or ask, or if there’s anything wrong with the site or your order, just send us an e-mail at contact@weslaydragons.com

Do you really print on order?

Why yes we do! We have partner which prints the items for us and sends them your way. They use the best printing techniques and we are very happy with the quality of the printing.

Also the products (t-shirts, sweaters, mugs) are selected by us on quality. We can guarantee you’ll like it. And If by some reason we rolled a natural 1 and you’re not happy: we’ll take your product back, no questions asked.

Can I create my own product?

Yes, this is one of our best usp’s. You can take any of our designs and tweak the size, position and orientation. This is possible because we print every product on order.

You can even add multiple designs together, or add custom text in all kinds of different fonts. This way you can make your product truly unique.

Tip: A lot of people create a design with custom text to add their party name to the design. Works great if you have a party and you wanna wear the same shirt for an occasion. Or how cool is it to have party mugs for every dnd session!

So I can do a free return for my product?

We stand behind our designs, our products and our printing partner. We believe that you’ll be satisfied with our products so much, that we’ll take it back when you’re not happy.

30-day return guarantee

Simply return your product within 30 days of receipt. Whether it doesn’t fit you, suit you or it’s not what you expected – just send it back. You can choose from the following options:

  • Exchange for a new product
  • Exchange for a voucher to be redeemed towards your next order

Just use the link provided in the email shipping confirmation.

Refunding the purchase price is possible as long as you didn’t personalize the product yourself. We are unable to process items that are returned without prompting.

How can I avoid Returns?

Ofcourse if you return products, we can’t sell them to other people. So we have to wear the shirts ourselves or give them to friends. So our Friends in fact, do like returns.

  1. Receive a sample before placing a volume order
    When planning an order for you and your team, you may be unsure about what sizes, styles and colors to order. Please order plain products without prints first, as we can take these back without a problem. If you order e.g. one T-shirt with print to test the print quality, we will accept the return and give you a voucher or a new product. This way, you’ll help protect the environment and save resources.
  2. Read the order confirmation email straight away
    Maybe you feel like changing the text or design. If this is the case, please follow the link in the confirmation email and cancel the order immediately before it goes to print. You can then go back to your order, change it and place it again.
  3. Calculate with a buffer period
    We’re quite fast, but we can’t make any guarantees. This may be due to reasons relating to design issues, product stock and delivery times. If your order doesn’t arrive in time for a birthday, wedding anniversary or the farewell party of your colleague, this does unfortunately not constitute a reason for a return. If you need something super fast, use the Express Option to get your order as fast as possible.

Do you have a discount codes?

Yes we do! If we have them you’ll find them on productpages and category pages in a banner at the top.

You can als sign up for our newsletter! We don’t mail you that much, only to give you a heads up about coming discount codes and perhaps an e-mail now and then showcasing our new designs.

Where do you ship to?

We ship our dungeons and dragons gear to all of Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia. Make sure you use the right shop via the shopdropdown in the header.

Do you want to order with us from another country? Let us know on contact@weslaydragons.com and we’ll try to hook you up.